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Priscilla's 3 tips for a FAMOUS BRAND

I attended a great meetup tonight on building your brand and your audience hosted by Priscilla, you can find her meetup here:

She talked about strategies to make your brand professional and memorable.

Develop your client avatar

Exactly as it seems, build a 'living' model of your target audiance. Give them a nsme and a bachstory so that every time you tjink about your business, you know ecactly who you ate working for.

Create a pintrest board for all your creative ideas

A great pintrest board helps you brainstorm and bring out all your ideas together to visually sort and share the ideas. You can build your business visually with your teams, and stay on message eith your brand.

Create your mission statement

A statement tries to convey 3 core components of your busines: Who, What and How. Who ate you effecting, what you will do for them and ho

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