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The 5 things that make Empowering Events great!

I've been a big Fan of Francesca Moi's Empowering Events meetups ( ), and after another great networking event, I thought I would give my 2 cents on what it is that sets these events apart.

1> Living and following their own advice.

I could really just leave it at this one point, because all the following points are the messages Empowering Events pushes every single time. The difference is, Francesca and co live it, breathe is, and practice it every day. Anyone searching for 'authenticity' in their networks can find that here.

2> Business minded people are people too.

This was the really important take-away I got from last night's fantastic event. ( ) Meeting people and growing your network is one thing. Interacting with those same people in different settings, different conditions makes those connections even stronger. There was meaningful shift in some of the relationships last night. Next time I see Jo Brand, we'll have more than just her exciting business pursuits to talk about!

3> Diversity breeds creativity.

One of the things that impressed me from the beginning was the diversity of people attending. Not just a diversity of business, but ambitions, interests and spirits. This really does breed creativity. I've been in several groups of 4+ people and someone makes a seemingly left-field comment that just fits. It's a different perspective from a different way of thinking. And that is true creativity!

4> Supportive and positive environment.

I know a lot of people say they don't have the energy after a 9 to 5 to spend a couple more hours glad-handing, but the energy everyone brings to Empowering Events is so high, you can't help but be excited yourself.

5> A real community feeling and atmosphere.

Empowering Events is all about building your network, and they encourage it within their own community. There are so many affiliated presenters that run amazing events you are sure to meet someone you know.

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