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These 6 PRO-TIPS will get you more clicks on your Facebook posts, guaranteed!

These tips, tricks and tools will get your small business posts more clicks and likes. These are straight from pro-marketers and masters of growing influence. If you want more people clicking on your posts, check these out!

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Always include a cover picture

You might already be using tools that let you edit phone snaps to add text or filters. But if you don't think your own photo shooting - and photo shopping- skills are the best, then consider getting a low-cost subscription to stock images. ( is a great place to start, and for $40 a month you get 10 stock photos.

Keep it regular, keep it steady

Like the drum line of a great song, keep your posting rhythmic. You wont get as much interest in dining out on Sunday night as you will on Friday afternoon. So know ~when~ to talk to your tribe, and also how often. You know that friend who you stopped following because they posted 25 baby pics that one day?
Don't be that friend, and definitely don't be that business.
There are tools like ( that can help you manage when and what you post.

Mix up your message to keep things fresh

You want to stay on message, but find ways to mix up the interest. One of the first things small business forget to do is laugh at themselves.
Don't be so serious!
Share a movie clip that pokes fun at your industry and throw in jokes, like real jokes. influencing is about being human, just like in real life.

Make your content more appealing with

That's right, helps you create great looking lists, and people LOVE lists, especially ones from people they trust. Sharing an alist of your top tips, recommendations or promoted events reinforces those messages to your audience while giving them a quick, digestible content hit that they are happy to like and share.

Be at the right place at the right time

When you boost a post in facebook, you have an amazing tool set for targeting your customer and creating an ad that fits your unique needs. Make sure your advertising dollar is spent on reaching the right person at the right time, and with the right message. And DON'T think you can only have one ad running! Create different messages for different audiences over different time. It's a GREAT way to increase awareness of your product.

Learn from your success and less-than-success stories

The only way to learn is to do the simple maths and keep a tally. If you have 1000 people following you and you only get 5 likes on a post... you should probably ask if that was the right thing to post. What about it might not have been good, the timing? Was the message unclear or unappealing? Could I have done it better in an alist?

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