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The 5 most AWESOME video games released in 2016

2016 was a great year for video games. Not only did it bring in front some new consoles, but it also provided us with some very impressive, amazing games. From action games to multiplayer shooters and cool RPGs, we had an amazing year but some of the games did manage to stand out. With that in mind, here are some of the best video games that we had the pleasure to play in 2016.

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Dark Souls III

You can’t stay RPG without stating the Dark Souls name. In just 3 installments, this series has managed to solidify its name as one of the best RPG titles in history. It really manages to push the boundaries when it comes to amazing graphics but at the same time you have a very good character system and plenty of interesting gameplay mechanics. One of the most enjoyable things here is that you can actually quantify your attacks, use combos and strategize each move.
Unlike many other RPGs, Dark Souls is excruciating and many times it can be very demanding. But in a world where most of the games are designed to be accessible, the DS series takes things to the next level. The gameplay is very demanding, brutal and it does provide you with a great array of options. While playing Dark Souls you will feel the brutality of this massive game world and the enemies will show you that despite your skill, you still have a lot way to go until you get the very best results.
One of the great gameplay ideas in Dark Souls III is that your quest will take you through new, uncharted territory. There are a plethora of new enemy types, all of which are very hard to deal with. However, it’s the exploration factor that will bring you back to the game again and again. It’s really fun, exciting and it provides you with the very best gameplay in the RPG world of 2016.

No Man's Sky

Although No Man's Sky should have received a better praise, there’s no denying that this is one of the best games we can play in recent years. Not only does it have an amazing game world to explore, but the mining experience and the quest to reach the middle of the galaxy will definitely make you play more and more.
No Man's Sky has a great gameplay and while it’s not for everyone, it really manages to shine. It’s the perfect game for people that want to explore the galaxy in all of its glory and you can easily do just about everything you want. Of course, you will have to continually upgrade your suit and ship in order to get better and faster. It’s a very distinct and fun experience that you certainly do not want to miss.

Civilization VI

We finally have a new Civilization game and the 6th installment is nothing short of impressive! It’s a very fun game and one that you will like quite a bit. People appreciate this new installment because it manages to provide you with even more civilizations and challenges. Graphics are better as well but you still get a feel of exploration and fun like you did with the previous titles.
When it comes to the strategic appeal, Civilization VI is surely the best. It does a very good job at offering you free reign over how you control your territories and civilization. However, there are many obstacles to deal with and the AI in this game is pretty amazing to begin with. It really manages to set the tone and it does bring you quite a lot of great ideas. For example, there are more enemy nations, more diplomacy options and you even have better economy tools that you can use to grow your nation. The game shines when compared to other strategy titles this year and it really is the best for this genre!


After many years, Doom is finally back and rest assured that it was worth the wait. The game does a very good job at keeping the experience unique and fun but it also brings in front some truly interesting and exciting gameplay moments. If you are a fan of the previous titles in the series, you will find many familiar elements.
However, the new Doom puts the horror aside and it brings more of an arena shooter gameplay that really works. The singleplayer campaign is rock solid and phenomenal. The multiplayer is a bit disappointing as it combines elements from other games instead of creating something of its own. But as a whole, the entire package is very promising and it does show that Doom is indeed a great contender for GOTY!


Overwatch managed to take the idea of creating a new MOBA and took it to some new heights. Not only does Overwatch manage to bring in front 20+ characters that have their own personality, but everything from the map design to the gameplay experience is top notch. They did a marvelous job at creating a stunning, immersive world full of dangers and fun.
Of course, it’s the gameplay that stands out here. Each one of the games has its own set of capabilities and it does provide you with a broad choice. Plus, you can switch your character mid-game if you want. But what makes Overwatch unique and fun is surely its focus on teamwork. It doesn’t matter how good you are at this game, you will most likely fail without a good team. That alone, combined with the wide range of game modes and special events, makes Overwatch a delightful game and maybe one of the best titles released in 2016.

2016 was a great year for gamers and we can hope that 2017 will bring at least as much excitement and fun! One thing is certain, some games like Overwatch and Doom will be played for years to come, so this year did bring us some long-lasting, stunning games that will soon be remembered as classics in their genre!

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