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Who has the best Australian Web hosting for businesses? These are the top 5 Oz Based hosts.

An client recently asked for help moving his business to a new web hosting provider. They weren't looking for the cheapest $3 a month host... he wanted the actual real best Australian hosting provider to run a real business on. Best value sure, but not the cheapest price. So I dug in and these are definitely the top 5 best hosts I can find hosting within Australia.

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#5 : Ventra IP

Ventra has some really good value-adds to their packages. One that caught my eye was the SMS credits for communicating with your customers directly via SMS. But comparing their standard business packages to their Multi-domain hosting packages was a significant price jump and a loss on some key components. Still, a solid service with great features and you can get a good fit of services here.

#4 : Digital Pacific

Some really solid options with their packages and massive storage space at a great price. There is a lot of value that can be found here, including scoring yourself some Quantas Aquire reward points for signing up. They also have their green hosting credentials as a great reminder to your customers that you are making a conscious effort towards the environment. A solid contender sure to find a plan right for your needs.

#3 : HostGeek

Fairly basic in how they present their packages, they offer all the add-ons that your business could need at a solid price point. I really had to give these guys a bump up though because they offer Hosted Exchange. I know I'm a sys admin geek and I can't recommend enough that any small business with plans to grow should strongly consider hosted exchange. There just isn't a lot of excuse left now that you can get as few or as many mailboxes as you want for a nominal fee. Offering this service really brings these guys a lot of props from me.

#2 : Oz Hosting
Oz Hosting also has hosted exchange, so I don't need to gush again. They do offer a 'bigger' name, and that is something you have to consider when choosing a business partner. They offer a 100% SLA, which is a pretty big deal. And they have some of the best backup options of the pack, and that's really important for a growing business like my client has. But in spite of all that their base plans are a bit anemic for the price, and it makes a difficult comparison. Good to consider but difficult to get across the line in front.

#1 : Melbourne IT

I have to admit I was a little surprised in this. But their package has a great feature set at a super price, and a lot of included extras. I know there will be a few add-ons to customize the exact product, but this is the best value of the lot. Some really important but simple features are built into their simplistic 2 tier hosting plans, both of which are excellent prices. High features, low fuss and low cost = great value.

For some businesses it's very important that your data and business stay local, for others it's a great option to support other Australian companies and workers, and this should help you find the best local hosting companies offering the best value.

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