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5 Practical tips for cost-efective facebook campaigns

Paid-advertising on facebook can be frightening. There are no guarantees and a small business trying to get a leg-up can misspend their entire marketing budget. Here's some of my tips and tricks to making sure your advertising dollar goes as far as possible.

Plan campaigns ahead of time.

A good campaign can be run cheaper by planning even one month ahead of time. By making small-investment leading ads (tester ads) which give you feedback on effectiveness, you can move to larger ad spending knowing you will get a better return. Test 5 $20 ads before making the best performer a $500 ad, and you will have get much better results!

Find the right "Audience size" for your campaign

Don't I just mean 'Audience'? No I do mean 'audience size!' The size has a direct impact on the cost of advertising to those users. The smaller the audience, the costlier it is to target. So leading back to point #1, make sure you have the best performing ad when the money matters most.

Create different ads to achieve different results

We have all been through meetings, consulting sessions and peer discussions about the Customer Journey. A successful ad campaign should reflect that journey. Shot-gun approaches to an awareness ad, and more specific appeals as they come along the journey.

Use well crafted lists (like can be created on to get 5% increase in clicks

That's right, good ol' digestible list content can get you 5% more clicks. Make that content meaningful to the user, keep it updated, and share it around more for great advertising results.

Share your link before promoting it to an Ad

This little trick gets you some interest and appeal before the advertising step. It makes the ad look more engaging already and keeps the traction going!

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