Business Insider releases last years 10 BIGGEST capital raises for Aussie startups

Here's our recap without the notes. For the full article and the details, please click below.

10. ROKT raised $US15 million

9. Airtasker raised $US16.4 million

8. Vinomofo raised $US19 million

7. Prospa raised $US19.2 million

6. SafetyCulture raised $US22.9 million

5. Medical Channel raised $US25 million

4. SocietyOne raised $US25 million

3. Deputy raised $US25 million

2. BigCommerce raised $US30 million
*NOTE: I have been hearing these guys mentioned in the Ebay branded podcast "Open For Business" I had no idea they were Aussie until now!

1. SimPRO raised $US31 million

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