5 Ways A Small Brisbane Business Is Changing Lives In A HUGE Way!

Most people have never heard of what 'live storytelling' is, but one Brisbane man has made it his mission to make everyone aware. Why? Because he's seen how many unexpectedly positive effects that it has had on people who have attended his live storytelling shows over the past 12 months.

Sam Sciacca held the first So, What's Your Story show for fun in 2015 with the aim of it being nothing more than some friends and family hearing 7 random people tell true, uncensored stories about their lives. After a few shows though, Sam started to realise something incredible happening to some of the people attending his shows.

Here are 5 examples of how lives have already been changed here in Brisbane over the past 12 months, simply by listening to someone tell their uncut, R18+ story...

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Image: University lecturer Nathan Harvey telling a story of how he accidentally took a public bath with 200 naked men in Tokyo...Yeah, that happened.

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Image: Nathan Harvey laying down the truth.

1. There was story that legitimately formed a relationship.

In July, a story was featured at the 5th So, What's Your Story show that delved into a man's 31 year struggle with an obsessive stutter. He couldn't order food, answer the phone and as he put it, "I was a fully grown man scared of my own name, because I couldn't introduce myself." When he turned 31 though, he turned his life around by attending a course that helped him almost rid the stutter completely. After going on a whirlwind of a journey listening to Nathan Harvey tell his incredible story, he let everyone know that while he still has a slight stutter, he loves it and has grown to be proud of it. He taught people in attendance that night that it's okay to look how you look, feel how you feel and sound how you sound, and a man in attendance became so inspired that he threw aside his insecurities and asked his crush out. She said yes and as of this writing, they are still together.

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Image: Dain Walker speaking his truth.

2. Telling his story made a man reach out to his long lost father.

A storyteller for the 7th SWYS show that happened in September 2016 told the intense story about the moment he snapped after being bullied at school. He was a foster kid and grew up without a Dad for reasons we'll keep at the show and not post online. In an amazing development, at the end of the insightful story he revealed to the audience that crafting his story and telling it had given him the strength to reconnect with his father.

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Image: Dani Stevens bravely telling her story.

3. Telling her story without having a seizure gave a young lady the confidence she forgot she had.

This one is crazy... Dani Stevens, a 22 year old Ipswich lady suffers from Reflex Anoxic seizures and was sexually assaulted while having one, causing her to also develop PTSD and disassociation disorder. When Sam met her, she couldn't even look him in the eyes because of everything that had happened in her past. She at that point, suffered anywhere from 21 seizures in a day to 21 seizures in an hour and needed to raise money for a service dog that would essentially let her know when a seizure was on its way so she could prepare. She agreed to tell her story at the 7th SWYS show and at the beginning of the night, the audience was warned that there was a very distinct chance they could witness her have a seizure because of how overwhelming the situation was for her. Amazingly, she told her story to a smattering of applause from an audience that didn't feature a dry eye, and this is the best part; she pulled through and didn't have a seizure throughout the whole thing.

30% of ticket sales ($400) went to Dani and her quest to get a service dog, and telling her story helped her gain the confidence to speak to more people, start going back to church and even tell her story again at the 8th show in October 2016! GO DANI!

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Image: Storytellers and SWYS Creative Team from left to right - James Shafton, Kate Kakoschke, Tia Hope, Kelly Sciaccca, Rebecca Hurst, Sam Sciacca and Ross Thomas.

4. A story inspired a lady to get over her fear of flying.

In January 2016 at the 2nd So, What's Your Story show, a young lady told a story about her trip to South America, a trip that featured everything from wild parties to an earthquake to a pet monkey to having all her possessions stolen. As she was telling her story though, she was a joyful beam of light and the lust for life that she had gained from being abroad hit one audience member in particular very hard. This particular lady had never travelled because she always had a fear of flying, however after hearing the story, she booked a ticket to South America and is, as we speak, in Peru.

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5. It creates a sense of community, even after the stories have finished.

At the end of every show, there's a segment called SWYS After Effects, where audience members naturally travel around the space meeting new people and sharing stories of their own, oftentimes over a drink. Sam and the SWYS team are proud every time a new friendship is formed, a new business connection made and a new story shared between 2 new friends in this segment.

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So, What's Your Story is holding it's 11th show at the NEW GLOBE THEATRE in the valley on the 21st December.
The show is called SWYS: BEST OF 2016 and will feature four stories that have changed people's lives over the past year. That's right; some of the stories you have just read about will be told again!

It's going to be an incredible night and for only the price of a meal, your perception or even your life may change...

Here is a link to the So, What's Your Story? facebook page to find out more.

Let's be part of this incredible live storytelling movement together!


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